Monday, November 26, 2012

Larian Mesra Bersama YB Koay Teng Hai 2012

Distance: 3.12 KM

Date:24th November 2012

Starting time:7.45 PM

Time: 13.17s

Speed: 4.26 mins/second

Position: 6th

For those of you new here this is not the first run in my life.I’ve been running for 2 years already but never really thought blogging about it. Now I felt the urge to write about it. In fact after this i'm gonna document all my runs (kalau sempatlah), so STAY TUNED!This run was one in a series of runs in the month of November, and since i’m back in Penang,I “participate-lah”! Besides, it was also my first “NIGHT RUN” and of course I was very excited about that. We started from Padang Brown, a place one would usually relate to good Chinese food, but we were there to pound our feet and sweat it out instead!
The torrential rains seemed to dampen the mood of everyone gathered there but soon enough but 7.45 the heavens cleared and the run began. I would assume there were 100-200 participants for the night run, both young and old. We were given cool glow in the dark wrist bands because it was already
The run began, and as usual I had a slow start, moving through the crowd while keeping up my pace. Soon enough I realised I was ahead. Couldn’t notice the people in front of me because of the dark (the ones behind I didn’t really bother-la)so I just maintained constant pace till the end. Little did I know I came in number 6th (WUHOO! Syukur kpd Yesus!) until one Uncle came and told me the card the race judges gave me at the finish line was the placing/position card.
Soon after all the participants were done with the run,the prize giving session commenced. The medal was one thick,heavy metal medal!! My head almost dunked forward because of the weight when YB Koay gave the medal. LOL.
Once that was done, the time everyone was anticipating for came. LUCKY DRAW!! In fact I joined this run in the first place because of the lucky draw. Most of the prizes were kitchen utensils and two or three helmets!! I was expectantly waiting when suddenly they called my number, “0005”!! I won a water filter/dispenser!! I have to say this run was well worth the investment.
Congrats to PISC and YB Koay for organising a successful community run for the “rakyat”, but a small piece of advice, do get someone well versed in English to prepare you're certs.Sorry to say, but the English was appalling!!

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