Friday, June 10, 2011

A night of Fiery speeches and "Political Bashings".

10/6/2011 was the day PR flags were raised high with the banner "KE ARAH PULAU PINANG HARMONI" gleaming at the Gelugor juntion.Knowing well that my destiny is going to be with this land I call home,I decided I should exercise my full right by going to this Opposition meet up and hear the "Alternative Voice".Guest Speakers were Siti Aishah Shaik Ismail(PKR),Jeff Ooi (DAP) and Mohd Mujahid Yusof Rawa(PAS).

Scheduled at 9pm,the talk only commenced at about 10pm with a warm welcoming note by Rayer (DAP Bkt Gelugor)followed by fiery speech by Siti Aishah.Her guns were very much aimed at Najib and Rosmah with incessant insults from the very beginning(Najib,being the top man has a tough job).Half an hour of charisma mixed with a tinge of humor was followed by a well prepared speech by our Jelutong DAP strongman,Jeff Ooi.His too was no less fiery but his aim was mostly at UMNO rather than Najib himself.

Bravo to him for making it clear that DAP was not in pursuit of a Christian State,as its very much unthinkable for him a DAP Stalwart and a Buddist,(He disclosed his religious affiliation during the session)to fight for a "Christian State".It was almost 11pm by the time Jeff was about to close his speech,so I decided I'll call it a day.Mujahid would have been good to listen to especially his religious stance on issues.Anyway I hope the video will do more talking.Enjoy!

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